Saturday Stroll


Today AJ and I went for a little stroll around London, we started off by going to the National Portrait Gallery to see the BP Portrait Awards, something I have done every year since I can remember. I’m not that into the whole ‘art’ scene but the Portrait Awards always fascinate me as I think even I (with the limited art knowledge I have) can see the skill that goes into recreating a human face. We chose our first second and third place, we had similar picks but not in the same order. Neither of us chose any of the actual winners. Unfortunately there is a no photography policy inside and I would say you’ll have to go and see them for yourself but sadly it closes tomorrow.

Here is a picture of me outside the gallery

Billie National Gallery

After we had looked around we sat down and ate some lunch, well a packet of crisps to be precise, but it tided us over until we found something more substantial.


Then we went through China town and for a stroll around Soho, we walked the little streets and did some people watching (always my favourite thing to do). I didn’t realise that the 20th Century Fox building was in Soho Square, you learn something new everyday in London.

china town



I’m obsessed with the Chanel lampposts in London, I mean I know they’re not really Chanel but they look pretty similar and I just think it emphasises what a classy city London is.


Later on we ended up on Wigmore Street, I love this font for the ‘number 74’ it just looks so chic. It also reminds me of Chanel and the No 5 font, there’s a Chanel theme happening today. I like it!


I also couldn’t help taking a photo of this beautiful set up, it just looks so elegant.


Here’s a picture of AJ walking down Harley Street, there’s a new FIFA rehab centre opening along there which was looking pretty stylish.


And here’s me, I’m wearing a Top (it’s grey, you can see it in the picture of me earlier), Shoes and Bag by H&M, Blazer by New Look and Jeans by Topshop.

smexi me



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