Plaid at the Park

Plaid Header

It was such a beautiful day in London yesterday,  it felt like summer all over again! It was the perfect day to wear a sleeveless shirt like this.

Plaid has always been a favourite of mine, especially in the Autumn/Winter time and this year it’s become an even bigger look than ever before. I feel like for such a casual look it still looks really nice and feminine, especially when it’s paired with some heeled boots! I’m sure everyone’s got a plaid shirt in their wardrobe somewhere, even if it’s years old! I urge you to get it out, you’ll look perfectly on trend!

I’m not a massive fan of accessorising an outfit too much, I always stick to my trusty pieces of jewellery which have a special meaning to me – whenever I put on a ‘statement’ piece I always feel like I’m being unfaithful to my favourite pieces. I also don’t think that plaid needs any jewellery with it, as it is a statement print on its own.


Plaid 3

Blog 2

Plaid 4

Plaid 5

Click here for behind the scenes footage!

SHIRT: (an oldy, but a goody) SIMILAR, SIMILAR 


BOOTS: (last years) SIMILAR

JACKET: (as seen in video, last years) SIMILAR, SIMILAR, SIMILAR





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