Snuggly Sundays

Sunday Header

So when I woke up yesterday I knew that I didn’t want to do anything but chill all day – after all Sundays are the day of rest! I was determined to not get out of my Pjs all day and apart from a quick workout in my room and a shower I did just that!

Sunday 2I love my little snowflake and Penguin fleece pyjamas, they are so cosy! I got them for Christmas last year, it’s a tradition that every year my mum buys my sister and I ‘christmas pjs’ and then I wear them all year round and they remind me of christmas!

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute my little Robin socks are! They keep my feet so snug!

Sunday 1

We love to watch a film on a Sunday and we chose to watch ‘Sex Tape’ – I wasn’t expecting much, after my Auntie and Uncle told us that they’d walked out of the cinema when they went and saw it! But for a Sunday it was the perfect film! Something silly and lighthearted! Cameron Diaz never fails to make me laugh!

Sunday 8

Sunday 5

Sunday 4

Sunday 9

We had our favourite drink, a Chai Latte, while we watched the film. I mentioned it in my August Favourites post ( you can find where to buy it here) – It is honestly the nicest drink for a day like yesterday! So warming and delicious! It’s definitely our go to drink for autumn/winter.

Sunday 6

Sunday 7

We then made some dinner, home made burgers and chips – I know, not a roast, but we’ve already had two this week, whoopsie! It’s still meat, potatoes and veg, so kind of the same right?

Sunday 10

Then we played on the Wii for a little bit, I’m good at bowling so I like to play that because I always win – AJ gets very annoyed! You can see our little Mii’s together, how cute?!

Sunday 11

And then finally, no Sunday can be complete without watching Xfactor – I have no idea why we watch it, we both hate it but we seem to watch it every week! I think we just love to hate it, plus, it does mark the countdown to Christmas!

Sunday 12

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I got up to yesterday and I hope you all had a lovely day too!



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