EXCLUSIVE: Giambattista Valli’s MAC Cosmetics Collaboration

Mac Giambattista


The Paris based designer is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the fashion house. He is known for making some of the prettiest gowns around and has announced plans for a small bouquet of a lip colour collection which will be available in 5 blooming garden shades.

“I’m very well known for dresses, no? And I thought it was very nice, the idea of dressing your lips,” Valli says. He is renowned for his love of all things floral, Amal Clooney, wore one of his flora-inspired dresses in Venice for one of her post-nuptial engagements!


Valli says ‘with MAC it was 100 percent freedom and 100 percent support just to make my idea become a reality, to pull out my flowers and my sense and my emotion and put it into the colour’.

From a pale pretty pink to a deep plummy purple with additional shades of peony; mandarin; and warm, red rose, there is a lip colour for every Valli girl out there—with a matte finish and pretty and vibrant colourful tubes to match (no more fumbling to check inside the bullet!) – and a lip gloss should the day require some shine.

I definitely agree with Valli when he says ‘The best thing about makeup is that a lipstick can really change your look. If you never wear colour on your lips and then one day you wear red, everyone just goes ‘wow!’’ – Lipstick, in my opinion is the game changer for a make-up look!

Mac Giambattista Valli collection will be available in Summer 2015.








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