Primark Haul

Primark Haul Header Image

Primark Haul Header

Primark hauls are one of my favourite blog posts as they don’t have a website I think it’s great to get an idea of what they’ve got in store!

I’m sure you all know how much I love Primark! It is definitely my favourite shop since I’ve become a student, it is amazing! It has all the fashion of more expensive high street shops but at a fraction of the price and for as good quality! I never go in there without finding something I love!

As you can tell I’ve been adding to my sunglasses wardrobe, these Primark ones are so cheap yet good quality and so on trend! I’d definitely advise you to get down to a Primark near you if you are in need of some new sunglasses and if you’re anything like me the cheap price tag will help you not feel so bad when you break or lose them!

The cups are my new obsession, I have no idea why but drinking water tastes so much better from them! I add lemon and find myself constantly refilling throughout the day, so they’re definitely helping me get the right amount of water! Not to mention they are sooo cute! I got the yellow one for my boyfriend because it has cameras on it!

Please let me know if there is anything you’ve bought from Primark recently that you recommend for me!

Primark Haul2

Primark Haul 3

Primark Haul 4

Primark 9

Primark 10

Primark Haul 6

Primark 8

Primark Haul 5

Primark Haul1

Primark Haul










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