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I’m beginning to think that Kylie Jenner is becoming the coolest Kardashian sister – I’m not sure whether I could pull of her grungy style but she looks so good in it!

As a student, I love to take inspiration from celebrity outfits and then try and recreate them on a budget!

I did a plaid look a couple of posts back  – (click here if you want to see it) – and then I saw Kylie and thought this is another really nice but different way to wear a plaid shirt. I think oversized shirts look great over a simple dress and make an outfit look really casual. Kylie is bang on trend with thigh high boots and these add a touch of femininity to the outfit. I have no idea how Kylie can pull of a mini dress (practically a tshirt) and thigh high boots without making it look ‘tarty’ but she looks amazing. Do you agree? What are your thoughts on thigh high boots this season?

Kylie Jenner Plaid


Kylie Jenner Look








Snuggly Sundays

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So when I woke up yesterday I knew that I didn’t want to do anything but chill all day – after all Sundays are the day of rest! I was determined to not get out of my Pjs all day and apart from a quick workout in my room and a shower I did just that!

Sunday 2I love my little snowflake and Penguin fleece pyjamas, they are so cosy! I got them for Christmas last year, it’s a tradition that every year my mum buys my sister and I ‘christmas pjs’ and then I wear them all year round and they remind me of christmas!

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute my little Robin socks are! They keep my feet so snug!

Sunday 1

We love to watch a film on a Sunday and we chose to watch ‘Sex Tape’ – I wasn’t expecting much, after my Auntie and Uncle told us that they’d walked out of the cinema when they went and saw it! But for a Sunday it was the perfect film! Something silly and lighthearted! Cameron Diaz never fails to make me laugh!

Sunday 8

Sunday 5

Sunday 4

Sunday 9

We had our favourite drink, a Chai Latte, while we watched the film. I mentioned it in my August Favourites post ( you can find where to buy it here) – It is honestly the nicest drink for a day like yesterday! So warming and delicious! It’s definitely our go to drink for autumn/winter.

Sunday 6

Sunday 7

We then made some dinner, home made burgers and chips – I know, not a roast, but we’ve already had two this week, whoopsie! It’s still meat, potatoes and veg, so kind of the same right?

Sunday 10

Then we played on the Wii for a little bit, I’m good at bowling so I like to play that because I always win – AJ gets very annoyed! You can see our little Mii’s together, how cute?!

Sunday 11

And then finally, no Sunday can be complete without watching Xfactor – I have no idea why we watch it, we both hate it but we seem to watch it every week! I think we just love to hate it, plus, it does mark the countdown to Christmas!

Sunday 12

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I got up to yesterday and I hope you all had a lovely day too!



Autumn Favourites

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I love Autumn, especially days like today when the sky is blue but the air is cold!

I always get excited to get out my coats and put on my boots and enjoy a crisp autumn day. Apart from the sun setting earlier, I really do love this season. Being all cosy and snuggled with warm drinks and a fire roaring is something I long for all year round.

I thought, I’d share with you some of my favourite things from this past month!

First of all, I purchased this beautiful gilet last week from H&M and I am obsessed with it, it was such a bargain, found it in the sale for £10, yes £10 and just knew I had to get it! I’ve practically lived in it this passed week! I’ve worn it with nearly every outfit and it looks gorgeous! I’ve had so many comments on it, even from strangers on the bus and tube, which is really lovely! I think a fur gilet is perfect for Autumn, it’s still not cold enough to wear a big coat but this keeps you warm and snuggly. I’ll do another blog post where you can see it worn as part of an outfit, so look out for that!


Next, I’ve got my Chelsea boots out from the back of my cupboard, given them a polish and they’re good to go! I got them last year from Zara and wore them all Autumn and Winter long, so i’ve been excited putting them back on again! They really are a wardrobe staple and so timeless, if you buy a good quality pair they’ll last you a lifetime, they will never go out of fashion.

brownbootsAnother item of clothing which I really love in the Autumn is a roll neck top or jumper! At the moment it’s still not cold enough for a roll neck jumper so this roll neck top has come in really handy! I think they look so effortlessly chic and they are also a wardrobe staple, something that comes back into fashion at this time of year without fail! They’re also brilliant for this time of year because they keep your neck warm without needing a scarf! I particularly like this one as the neck isn’t too tight, sometimes they choke me a little bit, but this one is perfect and really soft too! I’m definitely going to have to go and get some more in different colours.


My last fashion favourite is this pair of heeled chelsea boots! I got these for Christmas last year and I love them! I haven’t worn them for a while because the weather’s been too warm for boots but I got so excited when I realised it was October and time to bring out the boots again! I love the sole on these, I think they’re really different to other heeled boots out there. They’re real leather so really comfy! I love wearing these with jeans and a tee! I feel like they instantly dress up a casual look!


My favourite nail colour this season has got to be a rich and dark berry colour! I think it’s so beautiful for this time of year! I love this shade by Essie called ‘Berry Naughty’, it’s perfect! I really want to try out a berry lip too, I’m looking around for the perfect shade so I will keep you updated!


This is a bit of a random favourite but this Chai Latte powder is amazing! It makes the most beautiful Chai drink, just like the ones you find in Costa and Nero’s. But the great thing is you can drink it at home! This time of the year always makes me crave a Chai Latte, the spiced milk is just to die for and it’s definitely my go to drink throughout the colder months!


Finally, you can’t have an Autumn favourites without a pumpkin! My boyfriend carved this at the weekend and it’s amazing! He used an Asda carving kit, which came with tools and stencils and it really is the best one he’s ever made! We’ve got it in our bedroom and it looks so pretty glowing at night!




Boots – Mine were Zara last season, but here are some SIMILAR and THESE 

Top – HERE 

Heeled Boots – Mine were New Look Exclusives last season but these are SIMILAR

Nail Varnish – HERE 

Chai Latte – HERE

Pumpkin – HERE

So that’s it for my Autumn/October Favourites, I hope it’s given you some Autumn inspiration!

 I’ll speak to you all soon