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I bought this beautiful leather jacket and taupe boots at the weekend so I knew I had to do a blog post for you! I wasn’t looking for a jacket but when I saw this beauty in Zara for only £30 I knew I had to get it! It’s such a beautiful colour and definitely in keeping with my favourite palette this season, neutrals! I think it will go with nearly every outfit so it’s definitely a wardrobe staple!

As a student I think it’s important that you buy things that are staples so that you can pair them with different outfits, just so that you make sure you don’t only wear it once. We can’t be wasting our precious loan now can we!

I came across these boots in Primark and knew I had to have them! I’ve been looking for a neutral shoe for a while now, I have so many outfits where I think, ‘I wish I had a neutral shoe’ so now I’ve got a pair I’m contented! Although I’m sure I will want some more to add to the collection, any excuse for another pair of shoes. Taupe is my favourite colour this season, anything in the colour I think ‘ooo I could do with that’!

What are your colour obsessions this season?

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Cream Leather Jacket – ZARA – SIMILAR

Jeans – PRIMARK (This season)- SIMILAR

Top – HERE

Boots – PRIMARK (This season) – SIMILAR