Top 10 Things To Do in London at Christmas



London really is an amazing city, but at Christmas it just turns into a magical place! It really comes alive at Christmas, the lights are switched on, the air is cold, the shops are bustling with people, the Christmas spirit bursts from London, you can just feel it everywhere! It is a blessing to live here at this time of year!

I thought I would make a ‘Top 10 Things to Do’ post to help you if you are coming to London this month and are stuck with what to do to!

So, if you want to find out how to get that London Christmas feeling then keep on reading…



Winter Wonderland is a magical kingdom full of all things Christmassy! It is packed, but that only helps make you feel part of something bigger and make you realise how important Christmas is to everybody! There are things for everyone here, from rides for little kids to bars and a spinning pub for adults! With enough food stalls to feed the world it is definitely a must do if you are in London at this time of the year.

Check out their website for more details if you are interested!


Ice skating is definitely my favourite thing to do before Christmas! It makes me feel so festive and elegant! Wrap up warm, and skate to Christmas songs under twinkling lights… but try not to fall over… it definitely ruins the sophisticated look I’m going for haha! 

The picture above is from the ice rink at the National History Museum, but Somerset House is also a beautiful location to skate, we went there 2 years ago and it was magical!


Take a stroll along London’s most famous roads and take in the beautiful lights, I suggest walking along Oxford St, the lights are so understated and pretty!


If you fancy something a little more decadent then Bond Street have gone all out this year with their Peacock themed lights, they look incredible but very opulent!


Regents Street also look very pretty with their ‘Night at the Museum’ themed lights – and all three of these locations are within walking distance so it would make for a lovely evening stroll!


You should also take the time to go to Chelsea and walk around Sloane Square and The Duke of York Square. They have some of the prettiest lights I have seen this year!


I also suggest having a browse in the window’s of some of London’s most exclusive shops! Fortnum and Mason’s window looks incredible, they have delved into London’s past this year, taking inspiration from the famous River Thames Frost Fairs. Markets and carnivals took place on the frozen waters and their window’s have brought this to life with beautiful frozen displays ladened with festive gifts and decorations.


Harrods’ window is as incredible and over the top as always this year. It transports you to the Land of the Make Believe with a display of over sized toys. 11 of the world’s most luxury designers have contributed in creating these unique pieces. From Zuhair Muad’s Ballerina (pictured above) to Stella McCartney’s princess. The theme continues inside with the toys featured in the windows being able to be bought in store.



Selfridges also have a beautiful window and they haven’t disappointed this year! They have taken inspiration from the tradition of storytelling this Christmas, celebrating 25 of the most enchanting tales. These stories have been brought to life in the windows, from Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to The Golden Goose and Rumplestiltskin. Above the entrance, is a dazzling ‘Destination Christmas’ sign which is made using over 1000 metres of neon lights and featuring fairytale symbols with a Selfridges twist.



I also advise you to go and seek out some of the Paddington Bears which are dotted around London! They are only around until the 30th December so definitely don’t miss the opportunity! They are so cute, and designed by different celebrities. You can read about my journey to see Paddington here!


Me and Monty

(Excuse the no make up, real casual look – I wasn’t expecting photos… but then I found Monty)

John Lewis have also pulled out all the stops this year with their rooftop garden which is home to their advert favourite, Monty the Penguin! AJ and I were so surprised to see this on a visit there this week!

They have really made such an effort up here, with fake grass, beautiful snugs to sit and relax and a hot chocolate bar to keep your insides warm while you take in the spectacular views of London under the fake snow!



Covent Garden is so pretty at this time of the year, the square is alight with beautiful lights! There is a huge Christmas tree, oversized baubles and this gorgeous reindeer! You’ve definitely got to go and have a little walk around this beautiful market place.


The Southbank has made a real effort this year with their Winter Festival. There is a new Christmas Market with beautifully designed stalls, which lays out the most delicious festive food, handmade craft gifts and warming drinks. You can cosy up at the ‘Cider Lodge’ or enjoy spectacular views at the ‘Viewing Deck Bar’ and warm-up at the ‘Christmas Tree Cafe’.

You definitely don’t want to be missing this festive treat.


Kew Gardens have installed a glittering new trail this year, it is a mile long and it winds its way among the famous botanical gardens which are lit up by beautiful lights. It really is a magical night time experience.

This year you’ll find giant light sculptures, the Tunnel of Lights and Mistletoe Moments. With Christmas trees, festive treats and music along the way, you’ll have the perfect Christmas experience


Last, but certainly not least, why not go and see the famous Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square. The tree is given to England every year as a gift by Norway in memory of the refuge that the Allies gave members of the Norwegian government and royal family during World War II. I bet you didn’t know that now did you! Even getting a little bit of history from my blog today haha!

As well as the tree itself – which is decorated in traditional Norwegian fashion and whose lights were switched on by the Mayor of Oslo on December 1 – visitors can also enjoy nightly carol singing in the square. Just don’t forget to wrap up warm!

I hope I’ve inspired you to take a trip to London this season and if you already had one planned then hopefully I’ve made your pick of sightseeing a little easier!

Please let me know if you have been or do go to any of these Christmassy attractions and tell me what you thought of them! Also, if you feel as though I have missed anything major then please tell me what you think I should be doing in London this Christmas!








We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


Paddington Header

On Saturday, AJ and I decided we’d go on a walk and find some of the Paddington Bears which are dotted around London! We decided we’d find the ones in St James’ Park, Green Park and Hyde Park so that our walk would be nice and scenic and not too busy! I loved Paddington Bear when I was little, he’s so cute and the statues didn’t disappoint! We saw Davina McCall’s ‘Paddington Jack’, David Beckham’s ‘Golden Paws’ and Hugh Bonneville’s ‘The Journey of Marmalade’. That’s only 3 out of 50 but we’re determined we are going to find more! It was such a cute day and I would definitely suggest making your own little trail! It was a lovely saturday stroll!










I was thinking about doing outfit details in another post – let me know if you’d like to see this?







I was nominated for the Liebster Awards!


My blog has been nominated for the Liebster Awards! Thank you so much to for liking my blog enough to nominate it! I am so honoured and thankful! You should go and check out her blog, if you haven’t already, she does great posts!


1. Thank your nominator

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5. Let them know they have been nominated




Dressing Gown



5 Tea

6 Kardys

7 Mouse

8 Head Girl

9 Federer

10 Weights

11 Taupe


Cat or Dog?

I’ve got a cat but I am obsessed with dogs, I used to have one and have always loved them since such a young age, I would say I am a dog freak and when I was little I had a dog book and I knew all the different names of breeds. Our flatmate has a dog so it’s lovely to have her around but I can’t wait until I’m a little older and settled and can get a dog, I really want a Golden Retriever!


Where was your last, best vacation?

I went to Turkey in June with my boyfriend and it was amazing! We went to a 5 star hotel and it was so beautiful! We felt like royalty! I absolutely love going away and just relaxing by the pool, in the sun, reading a good book!


What is your favourite movie?

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is my all time favourite film – I love Audrey Hepburn, she is my favourite person to have ever lived I think! I have watched the film over and over and I just love it!

But my favourite film I’ve watched recently is ‘Bolt’ – it is about a dog who thinks he has super powers (see, you can tell I am dog obsessed) it is the cutest film!


Favorite magazine?

I don’t really read magazines that much, I tend to just go on the Showbiz section of the Daily Mail to get my celeb and gossip fix.


What’s your favourite season of the year? And why?

My favourite season is definitely winter, I love Christmas, it is my favourite thing ever! Even better than my birthday! I love the family traditions we have and the giving of gifts to other people, it is just full of love! I also love winter because it means snuggly evenings and hot drinks! I also think the fashion is so chic in winter, everyone looks so good! I love wrapping up warm!


What is your favourite thing to do first thing in the morning?

I always like a good cuddle with my boyfriend in the morning and then without fail before I get out of bed I always scroll down Instagram to see what has been going on through the night! It always wakes me up and inspires me for the day to come!


What are some of your favourite quotes?

As I said above, I love Audrey Hepburn, 2 of my favourite quotes are from her:

1. ‘Happy girls are the prettiest girls’ – I definitely think this is true, as soon as people smile they instantly look 10x more beautiful.

2. ‘I love people who make me laugh, I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh’ – I totally agree with this, I absolutely love laughing and I think laughter is so good for you!


What is your favourite blog posts? And why?

I love Fashion posts and seeing what outfits people are wearing, it always helps me get inspiration on how I could put an outfit together or what things I need to add to my wardrobe.

I also like Makeup Reviews because there is so much out there that it really helps when things are recommended, you know that you won’t be disappointed when you buy something!


What is your vision for your future?

I am currently studying for a Law degree so I would love to do something with that! But my biggest vision for the future is to have children, I cannot wait to be a mum, it will be my biggest achievement having kids. I can’t wait to have a family and be settled!


What TV series do you watch?

My boyfriend and I absoloutely love watching series, since starting Uni we have watched loads! At the moment I am watching ‘Gossip Girl’ – I can’t believe how late I came to that party, it is amazing, I am obsessed with it! I am halfway through Season 3 at the moment and I never want it to end!

The series we are currently watching together is ‘The Blacklist’ – it was recommended to us and we are loving it, every episode is so good and full of drama and suspense.

Finally, Kourtney and Khloe Takes The Hamptons started last week so whenever a new Kardashian series is on we are watching that! I got my boyfriend into it and he loves it now! I honestly feel like the Kardashian’s are my friends, I know, I sound like a loser, but I have spent so long watching them that I feel like I am part of the family!


Favourite food?

I am wheat free so I can’t eat a lot of food! I would say my favourite food is Pizza – you can get some good wheat free pizza but if I could eat wheat for a day I would definitely choose Pizza, I love it!

Apart from that I’d say that I love a good Indian, it’s always something I look forward to!
















1. If you could go to dinner with any 3 people dead, or a live, who would they be and why?

2. What would be your dream holiday destination?

3. If you could do anything you wanted in a day what would it be and why?

4. Who is your favourite fictional character?

5. What are the beauty products you couldn’t live without?

6. What is your pet hate?

7. If you could marry any celebrity who would it be and why?

8. Who is your style inspiration?

9. Savoury or sweet?

10.  What’s your favourite takeaway?

11. Leather or fur?



I hope this has helped you get to know me more and I hope the people I nominated enjoy doing it as much as I did!



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Xmas Lights Header

Last night AJ (my boyfriend) and I decided we’d go and see the switch on of the Oxford Street Christmas lights. We did a little shopping before hand and then wandered down to John Lewis for 5 o’clock when the event was about to take place! We severely underestimated how busy it would be, I didn’t realise it would be such a big event with such a massive crowd! We tried to get closer to the stage but we ended up getting crushed in a massive crowd! We decided we’d walk back to some more open space! By the time we’d found open space we couldn’t even hear the performers anymore, Rixton opened the show and then Neon Jungle and Jess Glyne performed, not that we saw or heard any of it!

We decided we’d have a look around John Lewis until it was time for the lights to be turned on! I always forget what a lovely experience John Lewis is, I love it in there! Especially now all the Christmas bits are out! I’m so excited! Christmas is my favourite time of the year!

We went outside at 6 and did the countdown with Cheryl, and then the lights came on and they looked absolutely stunning, the whole length of Oxford Street both ways was covered in beautiful lit up balls (the same as last year because they were so popular). Even though we didn’t get to see/hear any performances it was well worth going as I’m now feeling very festive!

Did any of you go to the turn on? Are you feeling in the Christmas spirit yet?

John Lewis Lights

John Lewis Lights 2

Xmas Lights

Xmas Lights 2



Snuggly Sundays

Sunday Header

So when I woke up yesterday I knew that I didn’t want to do anything but chill all day – after all Sundays are the day of rest! I was determined to not get out of my Pjs all day and apart from a quick workout in my room and a shower I did just that!

Sunday 2I love my little snowflake and Penguin fleece pyjamas, they are so cosy! I got them for Christmas last year, it’s a tradition that every year my mum buys my sister and I ‘christmas pjs’ and then I wear them all year round and they remind me of christmas!

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute my little Robin socks are! They keep my feet so snug!

Sunday 1

We love to watch a film on a Sunday and we chose to watch ‘Sex Tape’ – I wasn’t expecting much, after my Auntie and Uncle told us that they’d walked out of the cinema when they went and saw it! But for a Sunday it was the perfect film! Something silly and lighthearted! Cameron Diaz never fails to make me laugh!

Sunday 8

Sunday 5

Sunday 4

Sunday 9

We had our favourite drink, a Chai Latte, while we watched the film. I mentioned it in my August Favourites post ( you can find where to buy it here) – It is honestly the nicest drink for a day like yesterday! So warming and delicious! It’s definitely our go to drink for autumn/winter.

Sunday 6

Sunday 7

We then made some dinner, home made burgers and chips – I know, not a roast, but we’ve already had two this week, whoopsie! It’s still meat, potatoes and veg, so kind of the same right?

Sunday 10

Then we played on the Wii for a little bit, I’m good at bowling so I like to play that because I always win – AJ gets very annoyed! You can see our little Mii’s together, how cute?!

Sunday 11

And then finally, no Sunday can be complete without watching Xfactor – I have no idea why we watch it, we both hate it but we seem to watch it every week! I think we just love to hate it, plus, it does mark the countdown to Christmas!

Sunday 12

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I got up to yesterday and I hope you all had a lovely day too!