Home is where the Heart is

Room Header

A year has passed since I first moved here and I couldn’t love my room more! When you move away from home for the first time it’s always a daunting experience and it really helps to make your bedroom really homely, this is definitely true when you flat share. Your room is the place where you can escape from everything and just shut yourself away and relax. So if your room looks pretty, it makes it even better! I thought I’d share some pictures of my room with you all.

Room 7

I got all my bedding from Primark recently and it’s such good value for money – the quality is really nice and that fur throw is to die for, honestly the softest and snuggliest thing I have ever owned. I can never wait to just snuggle up in bed under it.

Room 3

Room 1

Room 2

This is our little work station. I love our peace lilly – we had one last year but it died when we went away for the summer so we brought a new one! It adds some colour to the room and makes it more homely.

As you can see our beloved Yankee Candle has nearly run out, this is a sad moment for us as we have had it the whole time we have been living here. The scent is ‘Bahama Breeze’ and it is absolutely beautiful, honestly the nicest smell ever! We are definitely going to have to buy another and they’re such good value because they last for so long.

We’ve also got a massive map of London on the wall, it was my dad’s idea and I think it’s so cool! We always look at it and decide which new places we want to go and explore. It also puts some colour in the room which is always good when your walls are painted white.

Room 4

We keep our clothes on a rail at the end of our bed – at first I hated the idea of having my clothes out and being able to see them all the time but it has actually come in really handy! It’s so easy to pick an outfit and they also add colour to the room, I’ve got them all colour co-ordinated so they look pretty too.

Room 8

These mugs are on our bedside table, we do drink out of them but we also like to use them as ornaments! My boyfriends name is ‘AJ’ so I think it’s a nice touch. He got them as a Christmas present last year and I think they’re so cute. I wish my name was only two letters long so I could have a matching set too.

Room 9

Room 10

Room 5

Room 6

This is our flatmate, Dolly! She is honestly the cutest little thing and we love her!